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Love to hang out with friends and bring up my unyielding desire to get into the forbidden tunnels that run beneath cities.

RimWorld is a really good game from what I've seen so far. I put off buying it for a while, but my good friend got it for my birthday and I'm glad he did!

Quite frankly, I think about the vim cube too often.

I think the issue is that my twitter is still a substantially more lively timeline with more people I know on it, but have you seen that place? Really should try to break away.

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I really need to start using my mastodon more, especially after I went through the trouble of getting the custom domain for it.

I accidentally got really into TF2 just now, in the year 2020, despite owning the game since 2007.

Anyway, he came home again and was like "I can't believe I lost my wallet!" this is the first I'm hearing that it is "lost" and not just... at home. I'm like "Dude what? It's on your nightstand."

We figured it out at that point.

Absolute comedy of errors.

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I then get a message that says "Fuck 😫" I figure he needs the info and is frustrated. I offer again to send it but hang out on my computer.

Turns out, he did come home during the 10 minutes his wallet was in my hand, checked the nightstand and figured he lost it and left to go retrace his steps in a panic. He figured I was in a meeting and was quiet coming in and out.

So I essentially stole his wallet, but only for the short time required for him to come home, not see it, and panic.

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My roommate is at Target and says he forgot his wallet. I say "Oh, just add a card to google pay and use your phone. I'll send you your card info." thinking that I can go grab his wallet and text him a pic of a card.

I grab his wallet and wait on standby for confirmation he wants me to send the info. About 10 minutes pass and I think I hear him in the house so I run upstairs to give him the wallet. No one there. No new messages either. So I just put it back on his nightstand.

Thinking hard about buying a little cabin in the upper peninsula of Michigan. 🏠🌲

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