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Thinking hard about buying a little cabin in the upper peninsula of Michigan. 🏠🌲

@Lambdanaut As soon as I put on the hat, I became a simple farmer.

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@Lambdanaut It's a tough urge to have since there haven't been a ton of mmo releases lately. I played some Classic too and it really made me nostalgic for mmos with a slower pace.

For lunch I made put some pizza stuff on top of some tofu. Technically, this is an abomination. It was pretty good though.

I've got the strong desire to sink time into an again. I really want to play New World, but since it has been pushed back I might get back into for now.

In preparation for a slightly longer trip in my van, I purchased a solar generator, cell booster, and a 150w solar panel! I anticipate being able to use my computer and the internet pretty normally with this set up.