Put together a quick site for the game studio now that we have a name.


I think it's finally time for me to stop using Google Chrome.

Gave it all that I got
And started to knock
Shouted for someone
To open the lock
I just gotta get through the door

I really should try to use this more than I use Twitter. For a variety of reasons.

Do I have your attention? Yes or no?
I bet I'd guess the answer but I don't wanna know.

A guy is walking us through a tool for work. He has to log in and gets a capcha. It says "select all the crosswalks". It's a photo of a roof.

He looks at it for a second. Says "Crosswalks.....? Fucks sake." and then clicks the square with a satellite dish.

It lets him in.

Love to hang out with friends and bring up my unyielding desire to get into the forbidden tunnels that run beneath cities.

RimWorld is a really good game from what I've seen so far. I put off buying it for a while, but my good friend got it for my birthday and I'm glad he did!

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